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Terracota Art & Production in Odisha

The word "terracotta" comes from Italian words that mean "baked earth," which perfectly describes what it is. People have been making terracotta art for thousands of years all around the world, because clay is a natural material that's easy to find. To make terracotta art, artists first find the right kind of clay, shape it into whatever they want to create, like pots, figures, or decorations, then decorate it with designs, and finally bake it in a super-hot kiln. Once it's baked, it can last a very long time if taken care of.


Terracotta Art & Production in Odisha is especially famous for its beautiful reddish-brown colour that comes from the iron in the clay reacting to the heat during baking. Terracotta art is valued not just for its aesthetic qualities but also for its versatility and practicality, playing a role in both the everyday and the extraordinary aspects of human life. Terracotta art finds wide usage in
1.    Sculpture
2.    Jewelry

Terracotta is a type of sculpture, ceramic art, decorative architecture made from clay and it is durable. Terracotta types are:

  • Terracotta Sculpture

  • Terracotta Jewellery

Terracotta Art

Terracotta Sculpture

Terracotta Jewellery

Terracotta Jewellery
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