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Akarshan Art Studio is a unit of Genres AD Pvt. Ltd., Berhampur. Every nook, every corner can be made to look perfect. beauty lies in the details. And it is our hobby to study space. enrich them with our value additions and connect with the surrounding ambiance in a very cost-effective manner. extensive research and understanding of the requirement is given primary focus

Painting Studio

Our Story

Akarshan Plant Nursery:

We offer a complete gardening experience. We sustainably grow top-quality affordably priced plants suitable for the Eastern Region, India with most of our plants grown by our partner’s nursery at Rajahmundry and Berhampur. We grow thousands of plants each year in a range of sizes in our nursery. All our plants are grown outdoors in a rural environment, so you can be assured they are hardy and will grow well.

We specialized in plant varieties that grow well in the Indian East Coast area. We trial and test all the plants we grow in our gardens and nursery, and if we find that a variety doesn't perform, we simply don’t grow it. A number of varieties we grow are only available through us. We are in regular contact with leading nurseries throughout India, and if there is a particular plant you need which we haven’t grown ourselves, we can source it for you.


Akarshan Landscape Architecture & Design:

Our Landscape Design team has a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas:

• New gardens and garden renovations

• Small urban gardens to Lifestyle blocks and farms

• Resource consents, subdivisions, landscape, and visual assessments

• Hotels, Restaurants, Vending Zones, and School Design


Akarshan Sculptures:

From sculptures to digital paintings, fine installations to fabric posters, wall murals to artistic furniture, we create them all. Understanding the need for a project and how such magnificent creations can add to the grandeur of the place, is what we specialize in. We make Sculptures, Graphics Paintings, and Artistic Furniture for both outdoor and indoor. We create custom solutions for our clients

Akarshan Art Studio| Art Studio in Odisha

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